Hello #Gorgolette lovers,


All of our gold and silver products, which we love to produce, are carefully crafted and delicately processed. They require delicate care to maintain their beauty. Perfume, deodorant, sunscreen, chlorine, soap and similar chemicals can damage your products. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your products away from these corrosive substances.

While it may be tempting to wear your jewelry during activities such as exercising, showering, swimming, this can cause them to become dirty as well as damage them. Therefore, it would be a better option to remove your jewelry during these activities. It is also important to remove your rings and bracelets before washing your hands. Thus, corrosive chemicals and perfumes will stay away from your products.

Due to the nature of our silver products, they can oxidize as they come into contact with air. Therefore, it is recommended to store them in a dry and cool place away from sunlight. Not letting our products come into contact with each other in the storage area prevents darkening that may occur, especially on silver products. For this reason, the best option is to store your products in separate boxes.

Make sure all locks are closed before removing your jewelry. Mixed chains can be troublesome, but with our Gorgolette necklace clips, you can eliminate this problem.

Finally, carefully store your gold and silver jewelries separately from other jewelries. This way, you can always preserve their beauty.


Gemstone Jewelry Care


In order for your products with precious stones to always shine brightly, you must take good care of them! It is very important to apply the right procedures when cleaning these special jewelries in order not to spoil their texture. You also need to protect them from hard knocks and scratches in daily life. Even a diamond can break if hit hard enough or at just the right angle.

In order to preserve the quality and vitality of your Gorgolette products embroidered with precious stones, it would be appropriate to remove your jewelry in the following cases;

• In contact with perfume, cosmetics, cleaning materials, lotion, soap, and other harsh chemicals

• While exercising

• When in the pool or sea

Finally, always make sure your jewelry is completely dry after cleaning or using it, and do not expose it to sunlight or excessive heat.

By taking these simple precautions, you can preserve the beauty and shine of your gemstone #Gorgolette jewelry.

You can also find information on detailed cleaning and storage methods for your products on our blog page.