Gorgolette started with the story of two passionate sisters who want to keep their father's craftsmanship legacy alive as a modern jewelry brand. Reflecting their experiences in the interior architecture and design industry on jewelry design, the brothers set out to design unique jewelry combining aesthetics and quality.

Gorgolette is a jewelry brand that aims to add meaning to the lives of its customers with its unique designs and personalized experience. Each of our products reflects a modern and classic style and offers products in different styles where everyone can find a piece of themselves.

The family's artisanal heritage plays a major role in our production process. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with care and skill. Each of our jewelry is shaped with a designer perspective, starting from the production stage, and finally presented to our customers meticulously.

Gorgolette not only designs and manufactures its own jewelry, but also aims to touch the lives of its customers. Each product is specially designed to adapt to the memories, people and stories of customers' lives. We build a close relationship to provide our customers with an authentic experience, and each of our jewelry is turned into a personal story.

Gorgolette adds meaning to the lives of its customers with its unique jewelry that combines quality and aesthetics. Let the story of your jewelry live with us.